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Développé Dance Company


Additional Pricing Information and Policies

Prices include tax.  Tuition prices are for 30 weeks of dance/year made in 9 equal payments (August-April). Tuition will be prorated for students who join after the year has started.

Costume Fees of $5/mo. for each class are paid August-January with any remaining costume cost balance due in February.  Costumes are distributed to dancers only with full payment of Costume Fees. Full Costume Fees are due for each class in which a student is enrolled unless DDC is informed before December 1 that the student will not be performing that class in the recital, including dropped classes.

A Registration Fee of $15/family and Recital Fee of $50/family are due at the time of Registration. Each family receives 6 recital tickets at Studio Dress Rehearsal with $0 account balance; limited additional tickets may be available for purchase.

Payments are due on the 1st day of the month August-April. Payments not made by the 10th of the month are subject to a $10.00 late fee. A $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Students may only be allowed to observe class if their account is delinquent for more than 45 days.

Monthly tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.  There are no refunds for nor can missed classes be applied to subsequent months’ tuition. DDC must be notified prior to changing a class schedule, or when discontinuing a class. All tuition and fees are due until the DDC is notified of any class being dropped. No tuition can be refunded when dropping a class. Make up classes for classes cancelled by DDC are scheduled for the week prior to recital.

Private lessons may be scheduled, contact gretchen@developpedance.com.