219 1st St, Kalona, Iowa 52247
Développé Dance Company
Développé Dance Company

Come and discover your love of dance!


Come and discover your love of dance!

Tryouts and Summer Dancing

Spring is in full swing and we are preparing for a great summer of dance at DDC! Including: 

1. Summer Dance Camps

2. Summer Skills

3. Competition

Our summer dance camps are geared toward the younger dancers. This is a great camp to keep your kiddos active and having fun. 

Summer Skills is for all ages. This is a new offering at DDC. It is a wonderful, inexpensive way to keep up your technique over the summer break. There are 6 classes, and it is priced assuming that all won't fit into your busy schedule, but lucky for you if they do! 

Competition at DDC continues to be a popular choice. It is great for the serious dancer looking for more opportunities to perform and better their skills. It is also a lot of fun! 

Information on these summer opportunities is available at the studio or may be downloaded from the DDC Docs page.


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Développé Dance Company

219 1st Street, Kalona, Iowa 52247

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